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Like vs As

Hello, everyone!
Have you ever experienced any  difficulties in distinguishing  like/as when writing a composition? So, I have prepared a great post for you all to understand it once and for all.
See you!
Teacher Jô

1. Like + noun/pronoun   (=similar to)

* She sings like an angel
* She was dressed exactly like me
* Like most people, I'd rather be on an everlasting holiday.
* He's a lawyer, like his sister.  (=the same as)
* Unlike you, I'm not a great dancer.   (= different from)
* He's good at science subjects like maths/such as maths.  (giving an example)

2. As + clause/prepositional phrase  (=in the same way) 

* Nobody knows her as I do.
* We often drink tea with our meal, as they do in China.
* He got divorced, just as his parents had done years before. 
* On Thursday, as on Friday, the meeting will be held in room B.
* This year, as in previous years, tickets sold out very quickly. 

3. As + noun  (when expressing function or rule)

* He worked as a waiter for 2 years. 
* Please, don't use that knife as a screwdriver
* We used the boxes as tables and chairs
* It could be used as evidence against him

4. As if = As though + clause  (to say what a situation seems like)

* It looks as if it's going to rain.
* He acted as though he was in charge. 
* They stared at me as if I was insane

5. As + clause (to express actions or situations that take place at the same time = while) 

* As I was having my breakfast, there was a loud noise coming from the toilet. 
* I bumped into him as I was window-shopping the other day
* He gets more attractive as he gets older.  

6. As + clause  (= because/since) 

* As it was getting late, I decided to book into a hotel. 
* You can go first as you're the oldest.  

7. As + clause  (in fixed expressions) 

* As we know, we only allow outstanding service. 
* We'll stick to the rules of admission, as we agreed
* As you suggested, there's no better way to make everyone satisfied. 
* As I was telling you, I wouldn't go for it. 
* As I was saying, I think the proposal needs further consideration. 
* As it is often the case with children, she got better the moment she entered the doctor's office. 

Hope you like it!

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