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Past Perfect

Hello guys!

This week I decided to go for another verb tense (which is my favourite topic by far), and here you are my easy definition for the use of the Past Perfect.
I hope it helps you all!

PAST PERFECT refers to the past of the past.
This may sound a little confusing, but take a look at my examples:

The PAST PERFECT is very common in books. Once stories are written in the past, the past perfect is used to refer to the past of the book (so, the past of the past). You can observe this in the fragment below:

ROWLING, J. K.. Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, 1st edition – Bloomsbury: 1997 - http://freeharryporterebook.blogspot.com/


Observe the importance of the PAST PERFECT in the following sentences:

1. a)When I met her, she cried a lot
She cried because she met me

b)When I met her, she had cried a lot
She cried because of something that happened before meeting me

2. a)When he arrived at home, we had lunch
We waited for him and had lunch together

b)When he arrived at home, we had had lunch
We had lunch before he arrived

Easy, isn't it? :)

In order to help you, I recommend you this list of irregular verbs again:

Hope you liked it,
See you all soon!
Teacher Jô

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