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Would you mind...? vs Do you mind...?

Hi, everyone!
Here you have some ways to make polite requests in English.

Mind is mostly used in questions and negatives. It can mean ‘dislike’, ‘object to’ or ‘be annoyed by’. Mind is commonly used in the structures ‘would you mind…?’ or ‘do you mind…?’.
  • Would you mind my coming late?
  • I won’t mind your coming late if you don’t wake me up.
  • Would you mind my smoking?
Note that would you mind…? and do you mind…? are usually used to ask people to do things or to ask for permission.
  • Would you mind making me a cup of coffee? (= Will you make me a cup of coffee?)
  • Would you mind opening the window? (= Can you open the window?)
  • Would you mind moving a bit? (= Can you move a bit?)
  • Would you mind my opening the window? (Can I open the window?)
  • Would you mind my coming late? (Can I come late?)
  • Would you mind working late? (Can you work late?)
After would you mind and do you mind, we use –ing forms or if-clauses.
  • Would you mind if I opened the window?
  • Would you mind if I smoked?
To ask general questions about people’s feelings, we can use do you mind…? Would you mind…? is not usually used with this meaning.
  • Do you mind people smoking in public places?
  • OR Do you mind if people smoked in public places?   

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