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Happy Teachers' Day - A report by Lucia Helena Garcia ( 6th Grade English Student)

Not everyone choose to become a teacher. It is not an easy job either. I wish Happy Teacher's Day to my former teachers, and especially from Mrs Piantavinha who has taught me a lot about English. I know I am a good student. I am not the most clever, though... Anyway, I always study really  hard. Yet, I really appreciate every single thing that all my teachers taught me throughout my study.
Dear friends, don't forget to wish your teachers.
Nowadays I am a teacher... A Portuguese teacher... Believe me, it is not an easy job. It seems very easy but it is not actually. So, you want to be a teacher?

Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that grow forever. This statement is so true since I did expereince it myself when I was in secondary school. This is something like life learning experience which has nothing to do with academic and curricular.

Perseverance. I believe we could see this quality inside teachers. They have perseverance, they never give up. No matter how difficult it is to teach their students, they will not give up. I amaze with this quality inside teachers. Whenever students success, there are teachers behind them who fill happy for them without asking for anything. If ever someone fail, they are the one who gets worry and sympathy to the students.

When I was in 4th grade, I been assigned to talk about perseverance in English in front of other students. My English was a disaster, and no hope to be improved. The text was prepared by my teacher and I have to practice to pronounce and push my courage to speak in front of the crowd.

Though I did not understand the content before, now I realize what it is all about, perseverance, never giving up. My English is not so good, but with help of my teacher, who always be patient and help me and also make an extra class after school just for me. I really appreciated. Mrs Piantavinha. She helps me a lot, teaches me, reviews my essays, listens to my stories and a lot more.

With this effort shown by my teacher, I started to develop this quality in my life: Never give up!I am not good at English, but I keep trying and learning the language so that I could improve it.

I am glad with help and effort from all my teachers that remind me not to give up. They help me to be who I am right now. I have a good work and life thanks to them. But study will never end. I will continue the journery of wonderful life.

Tribute to all my teacers, this is your report card.

Lucia Helena Garcia

This report was written by Lucia Helena, my dear student, as a tribute to all teachers. Lucia's report was chosen by her classmates to be posted in our blog.
Happy Teachers' Day!
Teacher Jô Piantavinha

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