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Uses of "All"

A. Adjective


1) all + noun in plural = the whole number of
  • All the boys need to work harder.
  • All dogs are animals.
2) all + noun in singular = the whole extent or amount of
  • They had all the fun and we had all the work.
  • All this is a mystery to me.
  • He spent all that month by the sea.
3) all = every one of
  • All our guests enjoyed themselves.
  • It is beyond all doubt that he never tells lies.
B. Pronoun 


all = everyone / everything
  • All is calm.
  • All wanted to leave early.
  • They were all broke.
  • Take it all.
C. Adverb = quite, entirely

  • She was all excited.
  • Your hair is all sand.
  • They were dressed all in black. (= entirely in black) BUT
  • They were all dressed in black = everyone
See you,
Teacher Jô

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