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Easily Confused Words 1


1. flat / level
flat = unbroken surface, even
Amsterdam is flat, that's why many people ride their bikes to work
level = degree, standard
I've just taken up an advanced level course in English

2. disposal / disposition
disposal = being available or getting rid of something
Madonna has a considerable amount of money at her disposal.
He has made a good disposal of his property by selling it at a high price.
disposition =
a. arrangement - an attractive disposition in a shop window
b. nature or character
He is a man with a humorous disposition
c. wish, tendency
There was a general disposition to go on a school trip.

3. worthy / valuable
worthy = not mean, deserving your respect and admiration
Mr Pitt is kind and generous. He is such a worthy man.
valuable =
- worth a lot of money - a valuable piece of jewellery
- very helpful - I greatly appreciate your valuable advice
- important because there isn't enough = I'd hate to waste your valuable time.

4. lay / lie
lay - laid - laid
1. put on a surface, place
Don't lay your hands on my shoulder!
Tom laid his legs on a chair.
2. produce (of birds)
Hens lay eggs NOT born eggs
3. get rid of
Although she had been honest, she was unable to lay his doubts.
lie - lay - lain = to be at rest or in a resting position
He lay in the sun all day, that's why he got sunburnt.
The book lay open on the table.
lie - lied - lied = not to tell the truth
I would never lie to you!

Let sleeping dogs lie = avoid discussing problems that are likely to cause trouble
Find out how the land lies = learn how matters stand, what the state of affairs is

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