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The Second of October - Celebrating Peanuts


Have you ever heard of them? 
Launch date: October 2, 1950 (dailies), January 6, 1952 (Sundays)
End date: January 3, 2000 (dailies), February 13, 2000 (Sundays
Genre: Humor, Children

Let's know these comic characters better!
·        Charlie Brown: main character; 8 and a half years old; Charlie Brown is the manager of his Little League baseball team as well as its pitcher; he is a loveable loser, full of determination and hope, but who is ultimately dominated by his insecurities and a "permanent case of bad luck", and often taken advantage of by his peers;
·         Snoopy: Charlie Brown's pet dog; can talk, read books, use a typewriter, and participate in sports;
·         Woodstock: Snoopy's best friend bird; born in nest on Snoopy stomach;
·        Sally Brown: Charlie Brown's 6 year old sister; blonde hair with a cluster of curls in front; wears a polka dot dress, usually pink or light blue; in love with Linus;
·     Patricia "Peppermint Patty" Reichardt: assertive, athletic,tomboy, freckle-faced brunette 8 year old girl who calls Charlie Brown "Chuck", flirts with him, and gives him compliments he may not deserve;
·      Lucille "Lucy" van Pelt : crabby and cynical eight-year-old girl; often mean to other characters, particularly to Linus & Charlie Brown; had "psychiatric booth";
 ·     Linus van Pelt: Lucy's 7 year old brother; carries a "security blanket"and sucks his thumb.; Charlie Browns best friend (besides Snoopy);
·       Rerun van Pelt: Lucy & Linus's younger brother;
·       Schroeder: 9 years old; plays toy piano; loves classical music and the composer Ludwig van Beethoven; catcher on Charlie Brown's baseball team; object of Lucy van Pelt's unrequited infatuation;
·       Marcie: 7-8 years old; Peppermint Patty's bookish sidekick; calls Peppermint Patty "Sir" and Charlie Brown "Charles"; displays a romantic interest in Charlie Brown;
·       Franklin Armstrong: first African-American character in the cartton; Franklin's father was a soldier; fighting in Vietnam; Franklin sits in front of Peppermint Patty in school and is the center fielder of her baseball team;
·       Pigpen: a dirty boy who could raise a cloud of dust on a clean sidewalk or in a snowstorm;
·        Little Red-Haired Girl: Charlie Brown is infatuated with this unseen character; prominently in Valentine's Day cartoons;
·        Spike: Snoopy's desert-dwelling brother from Needles, California; named after Schulz's own childhood dog;
·        Frieda: a girl proud of her "naturally curly hair", and who owned a cat named Faron, much to Snoopy's chagrin
·        The Great Pumpkin: appears on Halloween and only at the most sincere pumpkin patch to give presents; Linus is the only one who believes in the Great Pumpkin; comparable to Santa Claus or Easter Bunny;
·        Red Baron: Snoopy as a World War I flying ace;
·        World War II: the vicious cat who lives next door to Snoopy - not to be confused with Frieda's cat, Faron;
·        Faron: Frieda's cat;
·         Peggy Jean: called Charlie Brown "Brownie Charles"; girlfriend of Charlie Brown for about two years; they meet at summer camp;
  .   Joe Cool: snoopy as college student;

·       Eudora: freind of Sally's;
·       Miss Othmar: Linus's never seen teacher;
·       Roy: was Peppermint Patty's closest friend until Marcie entered the picture;
·         Joe Shlabotnik: remained unseen; baseball player whom Charlie Brown admires;
·        Missy: Snoopy and Spike's mother.

Now, that you know more about these well-known characters, let’s talk about them and their comic strips!

Did you know there were so many characters?
From the descriptions here, which character (s) is/are or should be your favorite(s)?
Have you ever read the peanuts’ strips or have you ever seen the peanuts' videos?
If you were in sad shape as Charlie in this strip, what would you like to hear?
Write your comments!!

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  1. Wow, Nayla!!! Good memories... I've been in love withThe Peanuts Gang until now. When I was 8, my dad gave me a a plush Snoopy and I used to sleep with it. When I turned 9, he gave me a plush Woodstock... I loved them! I still have them. Now, a little secret: my pink pajamas have Snoopy and Woodstock figures on them!