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Talking about Tourist Attractions in Rio

Here is one of some Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Sugarloaf

It is a green, unearthly peak rising over Rio de Janeiro.

Sugar Loaf is an iconic locale for a bird's eye view of Rio de Janeiro, from Copacabana beach to Corcovado Mountain, as well as an equatorial Rio de Janeiro sunset.
The panoramic trip to 'Pão d'Açucar' or 'Sugarloaf'  is marvelous. People can not miss it!
It takes three minutes to Italian-made bubble cars hold about 75 passengers each move up the mountain in two stages: the first stopping at the Morro da Urca, a smaller mountain in front of Sugarloaf, and the second, continuing on to the summit.
At nighttime you can enjoy a night of samba! There is a place for shows with many bands frequently visiting on top of the sugar loaf, as well.

Christ the Redeemer
From one hand to the other, measuring almost 30 meters, it has been placed at the top - 2,300-ft  - of Corcovado mountain since 1931.
The statue of Christ with his arms apart is embracing the city and blessing its visitors and inhabitants. It has been one of the most famous symbols of Rio.
The distinctive statue arms spread to welcome the world. It rests on top of Rio de Janeiro's Corcovado Mountain. Now, it is one of the new seven wonders of the world
The statute weighs 1145 tons and it also has a chapel which can accommodate 150 people.
Travelers can climb up the Corcovado, Rio De Janeiro by taking the century old Corcovado Train or car. The cogwheel train leaves visitors every 30 minutes on a 17-minute ride that is almost straight up. At the top , people have to climb a number of stairs to get to the base of the statue. 

Have you ever been to one of these beautiful spots in Rio de Janeiro?
What did/do you like most about these attractions?
Can you tell us any interesting story related to these places?

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