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Dependent Prepositions

Hi, guys!
In the English language, there are many verbs, nouns and adjectives which are followed by specific prepositions.  The prepositions are called dependent because their choice depends on the particular word and its meaning.
Despite the know-it-all linguists who say that all languages are equally difficult or easy to learn, it’s clear that some languages are harder to learn than others, at least, some bits of them. One of the maddening things about English is prepositions – in most cases, foreigners never completely get the knack of them and continue to have problems with them.
Find attached a file with them all.
Now, it’s time to practise it, print this exercise and try to complete it, if in doubt, check the key.
Take these online quizzes to have further practice on:

Prepositions after adjectives
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Prepositions with Verbs
Prepositions Mixed Types

See you!
Teacher Jô

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