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Christmas Morning – The Day Kids Look Forward to All Year

Christmas morning is a time of the year that every kid looks forward too. However, there are many children out there who are not as fortunate as others. This is why it is important to donate if you are able to in order to give those less fortunate the ability to have a great Christmas.  Allow those people to look forward to Christmas morning as much as you or your own children do. Although that may seem somewhat like a sombre way to describe what should be a joyous occasion, a thought should be spared for those of us who may not have the financial capacity to celebrate Christmas in a festive fashion in the company of our friends and family.
Returning to the original topic; try and give your children something that makes them excited to wake up to in the morning. A common tradition is to leave milk and cookies (beer and cookies in my house) for Santa. Children are amazed when they wake up the morning to find only crumbs remaining from the food that they left out for him. I also encourage my children to leave a carrot out for Santa’s reindeer (the reindeer have a lot of area to cover in a single night). It is another little thing that can make children excited about the day ahead.
It is a good idea to try and keep the gifts in a place that they will not stumble upon during the night in the event they need to get up to go to the bathroom or get a drink. Sometimes this is easier said than done. If you don’t have an area away from the bathroom; consider waking up early in the morning and placing the gifts under the tree just before they get up. The best Christmas mornings require a bit of tactical strategising. Be a little tricky with your plans to enable your children to be surprised on Christmas morning.

Christmas Morning Christmas Morning Christmas Morning

Eventually your children will grow out of celebrating Christmas in this manner – however the memories of Christmas mornings from their childhood will remain. Ensure that these memories are treasured and that they are keen to do the same thing for their children because of the fondness of the memories they have of when they were a child. It is also away to pass on the traditions of how the family celebrates Christmas. Christmas is one time of the year where you are not allowed to be a kill joy.

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