domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2011

Early Christmas Morning (Cyndi Lauper - live)

I love holiday traditions. One of the ones I remember from my childhood is opening presents Christmas morning as a family. Presents would be distributed into piles. My parents, siblings and I would each take a turn opening one of our presents. It was great to get to see what others were opening as well as have everyone watching me when it was my turn.
I didn't have my Christmas mornings as I used to... Now I have different ones with my kids and it's awesome!!!

 "Early Christmas Morning"

Listen to the children sing
Watch them dancing all 'round the Christmas tree ...
Waiting for the opening
Early Christmas morning ...
All around the world is sleeping
Little children there's no peeping
Wait and see what Santa's bringing
Early Christmas morning ...

Icicles and breakfast cakes ...
Friends and family we will celebrate
Sounds that joy and laughter make
Early Christmas morning ...

All around and far off places
Angels waken smiling faces
Wrapping us with love and graces
Early Christmas morning ...
Early Christmas morning ...

Cyndi Lauper - Early Christmas Morning (Live)

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