terça-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2011

What if…?

The conditional sentences are back for revision purposes but perhaps we could learn a few mores advanced uses.
As for the traditional types you could  refresh your knowledge by clicking here
And for the more sophisticated types

1.-If with would and should for polite purposes
If you wouldn´t mind waiting for a moment, the doctor will see you shortly
Should you want to contact me, I will be in the office from 9 till 5 (More common in        written English)
2.-There are also rhetorical conditional sentences which need to be interpreted as they mean the opposite of their literal meanings
If you believe that, you´ll believe anything (you can´t believe that)

She is nothing if not tough ( She is really tough)

If they are Irish, I am the Pope (they are certainly not Irish)
3.-If formulas for expresing politeness, ideal in oral exams
If you don´t mind me saying so,……
If I may interrupt …
If I may change  the subject…
If you can keep a secret…
If you see what I mean…
If I understand you correctly…
See you!
Teacher Jô

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