quarta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2011

We Are Family

Hello, everyone!
We are all of us part of a family of one sort or another. Family members have various names in English and some of them like husband, wife, uncle, aunt, nephew and niece, are among the few English words that have gender. This video shows how the members of an extended family are related to each other. From grandfather and grandmother though parents - father and mother - to sons, daughters, brother and sister, grandchildren and cousins, this video gives you all the words you need to describe your own family in English. There is a fabulous new-style audio-visual quiz to go with this video.

Find it at the links above and below. | http://linguaspectrum.com/lessons/language_lessons/we_are_family/

See you!
Teacher Jô

2 comentários:

  1. Very good video!
    Very good idea to welcome our students and visitors like that, Jô!
    She says our names in a very funny way, doesn't she?

  2. Hello, my friend!
    The video is really great! I knew the site in my Cultura Inglesa's training course. Ah! And my avatar is so charming, isn't she? You're right, she says our names. I also knew it at Cultura Inglesa. It's from a site that helps teachers prepear e-board classes. I'll send you the address!