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Have you ever heard about Gene Kelly?

Hello, everyone!

Have you been to the movies lately? I have. I love going to the movies. I'm a really movie lover!
Awesome surround sound, huge screen, new release. What I don't like, however, is the price. And what if the movie sucks? I don't get my money back.
Anyway, today I want to talk a movie star I really love: Gene Kelly. Have you ever heard of him? If not, I can tell you something about this great movie star.

Eugene Curran "Gene" Kelly (August 23, 1912 – February 2, 1996) was an American dancer, actor, singer, film director and producer, and choreographer. Kelly was known for his energetic and athletic dancing style, his good looks and the likeable characters that he played on screen.
Although he is known today for his performances in Singin' in the Rain (Cantando na Chuva) e An American in Paris (Um Americano em Paris), he was a dominant force in Hollywood musical films from the mid 1940s until this art form fell out of fashion in the late 1950s. His many innovations transformed the Hollywood musical film, and he is credited with almost single-handedly making the ballet form commercially acceptable to film audiences.
Kelly was the recipient of an Academy Honorary Award in 1952 for his career achievements. He later received lifetime achievement awards in the Kennedy Center Honors, and from the Screen Actors Guild and Americam Film Institute; in 1999, the American Film Institute also numbered him 15th in their Greatest Male Stars of All Time list.
In this video, we can see an unforgetable Gene Kelly's scene in Singin' in the Rain (1952).

There is no shortage of information on the life and work of Gene Kelly. His biography and filmography can be found in many and varied websites, books and articles written over the years. So I will not waste web space repeating what you probably know or can easily discover.
All I want to do is to pay my respects to a very special man, who has brought much joy and comfort into my life and the lives of countless others. I wish more than anything that I could have written to him to thank him for the legacy he has given to us, of making us believe we can do anything, if we only try hard enough, but I never knew his magic until it was too late to tell him.

Much has been written about him, good and bad, and I am fully aware that he was no Irish saint. He was a human being, with his fair share of accompanying imperfections. But I figure that the positive things said about him are more likely to reflect the truth, whereas negative comments can sometimes come with their own agenda. I believe that the love, joy, and dreams, which filled his heart and overflowed to millions of others worldwide, far outweigh his shortcomings. There are other places where Gene’s ‘faults’ and ‘failings’ are mentioned. I want to redress the balance a little. So I make no claim to being impartial – after all, I am a fan!

Hope you liked to know a little about Gene Kelly.
Take care!
Teacher Jô

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