sexta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2011

"One word or two?"!

Is it everyday or every day?  

Is it noone or no one*?
*“No one” is always two separate words, unlike “anyone” and “someone.”

Is it everyone or every one? ("Every body" should only be used when referring to each BODY that people have, or in a phrase such as "every body of water." "Everybody" is equivalent to "everyone", but, at least in British English, the first is less formal.

Ok, no matter the question! The focus on this post is if the words are one word or two words!

Well, every time you have a question like this, look the word up in a dictionary until you've memorized them all. Sorry about that!

Go to denilsondelima.blogspot and learn a little more about this topic.
See you! Have a nice week!

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