domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

I will be positive!

Hello, everyone!

Sometimes I think I overdo negativity. Although I just love playing with grammatical negatives; double and triple if I’m feeling flighty, I really should temper my non-affirmative relish and write about positive things from time to time. So let’s see if I can manage this sanguine appraoch.
Right? Where do I start? Well, I suppose I should be extremely positive and happy about the fact that my heart is still beating and my breathing is regular. I would love to say the sun is shining too, but it’s raining cats and dogs as I write this. So where I would normally say something negative about this depressing meteorological state, I should instead say what a wonderful effect all this rain is having on farms and water storage. But I won’t because it sounds plain boring.
Getting soaking wet while walking my dog and having our apartment smelling like a damp dog for days really gets on my wick. And why on earth did the stupid architect who designed our building think that marble paths and surrounds was a great idea? Did he not think that it rains and snows in Switzerland – on a dismally frequent basis I might add – and that marble tends to get dangerously slippery when even a little wet. Did he have some weird premonition in 1970 about global warming and think Switzerland would be a sandy desert by the time construction was finished?
While on the subject of water, our kitchen tap is leaking badly and noisily right now. I have diagnosed that it needs a new washer quite urgently, but I must resist using my acute plumbing skills as the landlord insists that all plumbing is done by a licensed plumber. Something to do with negating the threat of flooding the 13 floors below us. Yes, silly I know. Anyway, we’re still waiting for the plumber of course, and the continual drip, drip, drip is driving me crazy. In fact it’s starting to put me in a really bad mood. Oh stuff positivity.
The plumber won’t arrive for days, I won’t sleep well and I can’t believe I am not allowed to fix this silly little problem myself. Ooops. I don’t think this positivity thing is working.

Seems I don't know nothing about no positivity.

See you!
Teacher Jô

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