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Your knowledge will increase, you watch!

This is a special post to call your attention to the word "watch".
It can be a noun, a verb and a phrasal verb
Let's learn more about it!

As a noun, it is a portable timepiece designed to be worn (as on the wrist) or carried in the pocket. Learn more: stopwatch, wristwatch

But, pay attention!
This is not a watch. It is a clock.
And this is not a watch either. It is called a clock, too.
A clock is a device that shows what time it is and that is usually placed in a room or attached to a wall. Learn more!

As a verb, 
You  watch TV ( a movie, a game); you watch for the signal; someone can watch you; you watch your diet/ your weight; you watch your opportunity; you watch your own affair   

As a phrasal verb,

Watch for (someone or something): to look for (someone or something that you expect to see)
  • Are you watching for your students? They should be here any minute. 
  • She watches for her school bus from inside her house.
  • The doctor watches for signs of the disease.
 Watch for (something) : to look for (something that you want to get or use)
  • She is always watching for sales.
    Watch out: to be aware of something dangerous
    • You'd better watch out. [=be careful
    • Watch out! You’re going to cut yourself
    Watch over (someone or something) : to take care of (someone or something)
    • Your parents are angels always watching over you.
    you watch (informal): used to tell someone that you think something will probably happen

    She'll change her mind again, you watch. [=I think she'll change her mind again]

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