domingo, 26 de junho de 2011

e-Inclusion: The Whole in the Wall

Hello, everyone!
Watch this video about e-inclusion in India. It is amazing!
See ya,
Teacher Jô

e-Inclusion or digital inclusion, written eInclusion when referring to specific policies, is the term used within the European Union to encompass activities related to the achievement of an inclusive information society.
e-Accessibility includes computer accesibility; approaches are essentially based on inclusion and the social model of disability as it applies to information technology goods and services; the Design for All principle, also called universal design or inclusive development in other fora, means availability of adequate assistive technology. e-Competences is a new term covering skills, knowledge and attitude relevant to education in the context of an inclusive information society.
Numerous digital inclusion programs and initiatives have also been developed in Latin America including as a sampling: Projeto Inclusão Digital in Brazil, Agencia para el Desarrollo de la Sociedad de la Información en Bolivia in Bolivia, BiblioRedes in Chile, and Bibliotecas Virtuales de Aragua in Venezuela.

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