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The Remake Movies Industry

More about The Karate Kid Movies.

It's been 26 years since the first Karate Kid. Why are movies remade anyway?

Remakes can bring about some important matter into a new market. It can be seen by a new audience. It can also show different talents, and add new sceneries to the same theme. Nevertheless, it is important to consider what is behind the scenes.
The Karate Kid, original movie, was successful on the occasion it was released. Now, different generations can enjoy the new movie (a special version 2010). Movies fans can recognize the new actors’ talents and Jackie Chan’s great performance, and know a different country (China) and city (Beijing). They can also identify a new culture, and analyse foreign people’s behaviors as well.
There is a fresh coat of paint on the old story. It’s also nice to see another kid learn Karate and the crane pose. Will Smith and the Chinese government that authorized the on-location production are entirely offscreen. However, Smith can make his kid a star and China can promote itself to the West.
Moreover, and the most important of all, people can draw their attention to a very current and offensive question: bullying. This is a very important theme* to be discussed with families, teachers, friends, among other audiences in order to help people to be responsible, nice, healthy, and happy.
On scene, behind a lesson, a teacher! Behind a practice, focus, discipline, courage, strength! The only way to stop bullying is to face it!
Denounce Bullying! Condemn it!
More about Bullying, click here
If you want to compare the two movies, read their plots. Click here for the first film. This is for the special version. Notice the new sceneries. Have a good vocabulary learning!

*Theme is the message about life that the author wants to convey to readers. It is universal when it transcends race, gender, sexual preference, and creed. Some examples of this are love, peace, friendship, or any other concepts about life that can apply to any and everyone.
(Source: answers.com / wikiAnswers).

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  1. Loved your comment, Nayla. Mainly because you talk about bullying question, that's a great problem among kids and teens around the world.
    I think bullying is a great theme to be commented here. Maybe a forum about it. What do you think?

  2. I think so!!
    If students click on the link that's in my article, they can read more about bullying. So, they come back for some remarks and points of view. If they don't feel comfortable to comment in English, write in Portuguese. It's very important to participate, isn't it?

  3. You're right!
    They can comment in Portugueses or we can ask their comments in class, as an activity, ans post some... It's just one idea. What do you think?