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Petit Gateau recipe

One of the best things in life is cooking, at least for me, I really love this. I buy books, I really like to get involved with the recipes I prepare. It's a kind of therapy. The best thing of cooking is to impress your family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend or whoever. So, I'm going to post a very easy recipe for you to make at home this weekend and, of course, impress those who don't believe that you can be a chef.


Petit Gateau Ingredients

125 g dark chocolate

125 g unsalted butter

3 eggs
3 egg yolks

2/3 cup sugar

1/3 cup all-purpose flour

1 tablespoon Cointreau liqueur or vanilla extract (if you don't like liqueur substitute with vanilla extract)


1 Break the chocolate and butter into small pieces, melt them on the microwave under"defrost" for about two minutes, Don't let it stand too long on the microwave to avoid burning the chocolate.

2 With a spoon mix the melted chocolate and butter until smooth.

3 Reserve.

4 On a separate bowl, mix the eggs, egg's yolks and sugar.

5 Beat the mixture on a mixer until almost doubled its size and has a firm consistency.

6 Get the melted chocolate and butter mixture and start pouring it in small bits into the bowl with the beaten eggs and keeping beating it gentle and slowly, until it forms one smooth uniform mixture. 7 While you still beating the mixture (in a low speed), sprinkles the flour on it and stop the beating after the flour gets incorporated in the mixture.

8 turn off the mixer and stir in the cointreau.

9 Reserve.

10 Get the muffin baking sheet with 6/8 holes, rub a little bit of butter and sprinkle flour on the sides of each hole, It will help to get the mini cake out of the mold later(use induvidual muffins sheets, it gives a little bit of more work to do but it is much easier to take the muffin out of the mold).

11 Pour the mixture into the mold almost to the top(leave 1cm or so, just for precaution of spelling the dough.

12 Pre-heat the oven for about 15 minutes.(low temperature, around 180C.

13 On the low heat(180c) put the muffin sheet for about 5 minutes, 7 on the most.(Keep trying to find out the perfect timing that works for you)

14 After taking the baking sheet out of the oven let it rest of 2 to 3 minutes and then turn it upside down on a plate (The mini cakes should be hard on the outside enough to hold its original shape and all creamy and melted inside)Get each little cake with caution for not breaking them and put on individual plates.

15 Put a ball of vanilla ice-cream on the side, Serve while it is hot!

16 P.S.when you spoon the mini cake it will open and a rich creamy filling will pour out.

From Jamie Oliver site
Have a nice weekend with this delicious dessert.
Carlos Mota.

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  1. Yamme, yamme... I will try to do it. Then I'll tell you!

  2. Have nice weekends with beautiful and special desserts and get people close to you.
    What an amazing photo! Did you take it by yourself?

  3. No dear. I just got it from the Internet!