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Karate Kid (2010) - Review, by Stephen Boyd

Read this review. It's really worth!

I don't completely share your opinion of this movie. The original Karate Kid is a classic film, and it shouldn't have been remade. Since it has, I will give my opinions.
It was a good decision to cast Jaden Smith as the star. He is a decent actor, and has good comedic timing. He is the spitting image of his father. For future projects, he will have to establish his own acting identity. Jackie Chan without question was the right choice to play the Martial arts instructor.
As a practitioner of the Martial arts myself, I found the fight scenes to be quite silly, and unrealistic. In martial art tournaments, children do not fight without pads and safety equipment. Most adults don't. 
What mother do you know would allow her child to be kicked and punched repeatedly in the face and body without equipment? This would cause serious injury or death. I know it's "just a movie" but if one is going to display Martial art, then one should display it correctly and accurately. It also takes years to become a Black belt or Black sash in a discipline. The notion that Dre was ready to fight a seasoned Martial artist that has trained for years in Kung-fu is absurd.
The title Karate kid is inappropriate because the fighting style used in the movie is Kung-Fu. Kung-Fu has many styles and I found it odd that we were never told what style of Kung Fu was being taught to Dre. Isn't Dre the Kung-Fu kid?
If you want to do the right thing, buy the DVD of the original Karate kid and watch that with the kids. I'm sure Mr. Miyagi would appreciate that.

Ok guys, that's it! 
I hope it was worth reading this post. 
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  1. Dear Stephen,
    I completely agree with you! I loved your review, your point of view... In spite of it's completely different from mine. As I wrote, I saw the original Karate Kid in the 80's.
    Luigi has the Karate Kid trilogy here at home, and we always watch them together, again and again. I think I loved this new one just because, this time, I saw it with my son.
    But you're completely right about every single thing you wrote.
    Your review is very good, that's why I'm going to post it in our blog.Anyway, why didn't you do it?
    Please, write us lots of good texts like this one and post them.
    Lots of kisses!

  2. How good is to share different points of view and have real information about Martial art!
    How useful is to discuss about responsability of doing things correctly and accurately!
    How nice is to have people like you here.
    Thanks, Stephen, for you collaboration!