sábado, 25 de setembro de 2010

GIVES YOU HELL (Glee cast)

Que diabo de porcaria é esta?

Hello, guys!!!

As Stephen taught you, people use the word hell to show emotion. Instead of saying  "What is it?" , remember?! 
So, if we were angry we would say  "What the hell is it?"  The word hell shows anger or confusion. 
In the following video, the girl (Rachel) says to the boy (Finn) she hopes it gives him hell  (ela espera que isto o infernize), just because she feels jealous and angry with him. 
Here I post you , again, a Glee video (because I'm a really Glee's fan, remember?), but the original song, Gives you Hell (Te enfernize), is from a band named The All American Rejects.    
Unfortunately, the subtitle is in Spanish, but I'm sure you can understand the lyrics well.
Hope you like it!
See you,


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