domingo, 5 de setembro de 2010

I'm yours (lyrics)

 I'm Yours 
Jason Mraz 

This song is obviously loved by a lot of people, including me. It reminds others what it's like to be in love and sort of with you being afraid the person that you love doesn't love you back. But the song makes you feel good, happy, and sad, all at the same time.
Also, it's a really hard song to learn, and that's one of the things that makes it good to improve your oral skill. 
Anyway, I'm yours is one of my most favorite songs ever!
See you,

5 comentários:

  1. Gosh!!
    I love this song, too!!
    Let's not hesitate to do good things! Let's sing it out loud right away!!
    See you!!

  2. So do I! And I could see his concert in 2008, in the US... Just amazing!

  3. "... Our name is our virtue ..." this is a great song.
    PS: My name is Tarcila which means courage and confidence in Greek ... I'll think about this!!!!

  4. Wow,Tarcila!
    That's just amazing! Think about it: nothing in the world is by accident.