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Subject/Object Questions

There are two main types of question in English.

Subject Questions: You want to know who/what does something.
??? ate my chocolate.
Who ate my chocolate?
Object Questions: You want to know what someone did, or to whom/where/when.
Tom ate ???
What did Tom eat?

Subject questions are easy to make. You just use 'who' or 'what' instead of the subject of the sentence.
Who wrote Hamlet? (answer: Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.
Who is going home? (answer: My sister is going home.)

Object questions are more common but more difficult to make. You need an auxiliary verb (do, be, have ...) before the subject, and a main verb (go, make, think ...) after it.
Question WordAuxiliarySubjectVerb
How longhavewebeen waiting?
How wellcanheswim?

If you have problems making these, click on an auxiliary verb to see more information about its tense and how to make it.

From: The Tiny TEFL Teacher

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