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Future Verbs

One common way to talk about the future is to use a verb.
want to watch 'Hulk' tonight.
'm planning to go to Spain next year.
've decided to learn Japanese one day.
Obviously, the verb (want, plan, decide) uses a present form. But the 'to watch' or'to go' or 'to learn' part means in the future.

Here is a list of common verbs for the future:
Iwould love
would like
am hoping
am planning
have arranged
have decided
have agreed
to have a bath tonight.

Another way to talk about the future is to use an expression with 'be ... + to + verb'
'm due to visit the dentist next month.
'm likely to be late tonight.
Here are some more future "be + _ + to + verb" structures:
am going to mark your homework.a plan/intention
am likely to mark your homework.probably
am bound to mark your homework.almost definitely
am expected to mark your homework.people expect it
am about to mark your homework.I'll do it next
am to mark your homework.formal

There are more examples of these in the other 'future' pages.
The teacher promises to give you some more examples.

From: The Tiny TEFL Teacher

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