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Learn about Passives with Get and Have


Informal Passives

Before you look at this lesson, make sure you read aboutsimple passives first.

Passives are usually made with be + past participle. But in informal English, we can sometimes use get instead of be, especially when something is an accident.
Lots of rubbish is dropped in the street every day.
Lots of rubbish gets dropped in the street every day.

Get/Have Something Done

We also use the structure get something doneor have something done to say that we arranged for someone to do something for us.
Someone cut my hair yesterday.
My hair was cut yesterday.
had my hair cut yesterday.
The last sentence here sounds the best.

To make this passive, we use have or get in the correct tense + object + past participle. For example:
'm having my hair cut tomorrow.
'm getting my hair cut tomorrow.
enjoy having my hair cut.
enjoy getting my hair cut.
'm going to have my hair cut this weekend.
'm going to get my hair cut this weekend.

From: The Tiny TEFL Teacher

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