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Roots and Affixes

Affixes are parts of a word that are added to a main word part or root.  The affix changes the meaning of the root word.
There are two types of affixes: prefix and suffix. Prefix occurs before the root. The suffix occurs at the end of the word.
Just remember “PRS” to remember the order of the word parts.

Most Common Prefixes and Their Meanings

dis     not
in / im    not
mis    wrong
over   too much
pre    before
re    back/again
un   opposite of

Most Common Roots and Their Meanings

able    can be
er/or    one who
ful    full of
ish    like
less    without
ment    state of being
ness   state of

Most Common Suffixes and Their Meanings

cede    go
dict    say
duct    take/lead
graph    write
ject    throw/force
mit    send, let, or go
pel    drive/push
spect    look/watch
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