domingo, 3 de junho de 2012

Consolidating Wish Clauses with a Picture-Match up!

After learning "wish clauses" a nice way to check if you, students, really understood the content is to make a "Picture-Match up!". 
You can prepare everything easily with only an old magazine, scissors, paper, glue (or a tape) and a colored pen.You just need to look for some pictures of people and then create some sayings like: "I cant' quit smoking", for example. Then, in strips of paper write the corresponding "wish clause" for each statement, which would be in this case "I wish I could stop smoking".
Notice that you don't even need a computer for that! 
So, after studying the grammar, you are supposed to, individually or in pairs, match the pictures with the appropriate Wish Clause. 
Two good ideas in one! Simple as that!

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