sábado, 2 de junho de 2012

Exercise:   Fill gaps with the correct form. Use the verbs in the brackets.

1.   I wish Ana _____ (not say) to Charles. Now he's upset.

2.   I wish I _____ (have) a bigger car. Mine is too small.

3.   I wish Tomas ______ (not be) so selfish but he's always been like this.

4.   I wish I _____ (know) Carol was ill last week. I would have phoned her.

5.   I wish someone _____ (answer) that phone. It's been ringing for ages.

6.   I wish he _____ (not speak) so loudly. He thinks we are deaf.

7.   I wish you _____ (not drive) so fast. You are making me angry.

8.   I wish Sandy _____ (not arrive) late. We've missed the beginning of the film.

9.   I wish you _____ (stop) telling me what to do. It really annoys me.

10.   I wish I _____ (can buy) a new computer now. Mine s broken.

11.   I wish your friend _____ (tell) so many lies. I can't stand liers.

12.   I wish I _____ (knew) her e-mail address. I would send her an e-mail.

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