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Halloween Movies - Scary Families: The Munsters

Munsters Tv
The Munsters is a 1960s American television comedy depicting the home life of a family of rather gothic monsters. The show was a great hit as a satire of both traditional monster movies and popular family entertainment of the era. It ran concurrently with The Addams Family.

The show aired at night once a week in black-and-white on the CBS Television Network from September 24, 1964 to May 12, 1966, for 70 episodes. It was cancelled after ratings dropped to an all-time low due to the premiere of ABCs Batman, which was in full color. Though ratings were low during its initial two-year run, the show grew in popularity during decades of syndication. This popularity warranted a spin-off series and several movies and the show is now a cult hit as are the movies.

Eddie Munster recently got married to a fan who started writing to him in the 60s.
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