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"Phew… I deleted the email….I think I got away with it!"

Get away with – got away with – got away with

Meaning: If you get away with something, you do something wrong or bad without being discovered or punished.

Grammar: This phrasal verb needs an object. It is not possible to put the object between the verb and particles: the object must go after the verb and particles. The object is often 'it' or a verb-ing.

He got away with stealing the cakes
He got away with it

He got away stealing the cakes with - NOT CORRECT
He got stealing the cakes away with - NOT CORRECT
He got it away with - NOT CORRECT
He got away it with - NOT CORRECT

Example sentence: The police believe Jimmy killed his wife. But if
they can't find any evidence, such as a murder weapon, he may get away with it.

Synonyms: escape punishment for, get off, get off scot-free

From: BBC Learning English - http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/

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