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Escape plan.

"Right. If you keep him talking, I'll go on his computer and get rid of it."

Get rid of – got rid of – got rid of

Meaning: If you get rid of something, you dispose of or destroy something that you do not want, often because it is causing problems for you.

Grammar: This phrasal verb needs an object. It is not possible to put the object between the verb and particles: the object must go after the verb and particles.

She got rid of the insects
She got rid of them

She got the insects rid of - NOT CORRECT
She got rid the insects of - NOT CORRECT
She got them rid of - NOT CORRECT
She got rid them of - NOT CORRECT

Example sentence: I took antibiotics to get rid of my infection.

Synonyms: get shot of, dispose of, chuck out, throw out, dump

From: BBC Learning English -

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