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The Night Before Christmas, Or Yuletide, or such....

Here a such beautiful Nordic poem...

Celestial Elf, the author, rewrote the famous poem "The Night before Christmas" and made the machinima film 
"The Night Before Christmas Or Yuletide or Such...."
to reinstate Odin and the ancient Norse traditions in place of the later arrival of Father Christmas.

The Ancient season of Yule which includes The Midwinter Solstice (the shortest day of the Year, 21st December) is a Sacred time of reflection and celebration. Many different cultures from the Nordic Vikings and Celtic Druids, the ancient Egyptians and Hopi Indians have ritualized this time to promote Spiritual Unity, Peace and Joy. 

According to the heathen Norse traditions, Yule lasts from Winter Solstice until the heathen New Year at the 12th of January - more than three weeks in total.

Yuletide Dates:

December 21, 22, 23
December 24 Mother's night, (Modraniht (Anglo-Saxon)
December 24 -- January 6 = The 12 Sacred nights/'Time between the Years'


The 13 Sacred Days & 12 Sacred Nights

The Magickal season of deepest darkness starts in the Celtic tradition at Samhain, slightly earlier in the Nordic tradition. 

During this supernatural time of Yuletide we may walk between the worlds. 
Now that the veil between the worlds is thin, all sorts of Otherworldly beings including the dead roam the earth, we may even encounter elves or trolls and also Gods and Goddesses.

The Twelve Sacred Nights of Yule start with Mother's Night (December 24th) and are considered the 'Time Between the Years', the difference of days between the lunar year and the solar year. 

As the old would end with Winter Solstice the New Year would only start at the end of the Rauhnaechte (January 6th). 
During this time Odin rides the storm winds with his army of the dead, both in the Wild Hunt and also leading them to their afterlife new, most importantly the ensuing storms in their wake stir the fertility of the earth for the New Year...

Odin appears to be 'blind' in one eye which he sacrificed at the Well of Wisdom for Understanding, with this eye he sees the underworld and afterlife...

The tradition of bringing sprigs of Holly and Ivy into the home pays homage to the masculine and feminine elements. 

Both of these powerfully magickal plants are evergreen, a reminder in itself that the earth never dies, but merely sleeps during the winter months.

Original Poem by celestial elf.

En god jultid önskas även dig och dina nära och kära. 

(A good Yuletide is wished for you as well and your loved ones)
A Happy Yuletide To You All!

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