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Grammar Police: I vs Me

Today I am going for something simple:

I vs Me

This is one of the most common things used incorrectly. Weird, right? Because it's also the easiest to see if you've done it incorrectly.

First, the basics.

"I" is a pronoun that must be the subject of the verb.

"Me" is a pronoun that must be the object of the verb.

As an English teacher I can describe it like this: "I" is a pronoun that must be the subject, never the object, of a verb. "Me" is a pronoun that must be the object, never the subject. (The same is true for he/him, she/her, we/us, etc.)

Make sense? Okay, let's move on to the example. I know you guys LOVE examples!

Tell me, is this following sentence correct?

Crystal and me went down to the store. 

Sounds fine, right? sounds okay. But it's wrong. The best way to tell if you've incorrectly used "I" or "Me" is to take out the other noun from the sentence and see how it looks. If I did that to this sentence, it would look like this:

Me went down to the store. 

Oh my. You see the problem now?

I do believe, my dear students, that the example (and the simple way to correct it) says it all. Wouldn't you agree? 

See you!
Teacher Jô

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