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Writing Tips: 8 Commonly Misused Words you Should Really Learn

Hello, everyone!
OnlineSchooling.net recently posted this list of commonly misused words, to help you begin writing the right way! Familiarize yourself with this list so you can write securely, knowing that you're not making any of these common mistakes!

1) It's vs. Its

It's VS. Its

 2) Accept vs. Except

Accept VS Except

3) Compliment vs. Complement

 Compliment vs Complement

4) Fewer vs. Less

fewer vs less

5) Flair vs. Flare

Flair VS Flare

6) Lie vs. Lay

 lie vs lay

7) Emigrate vs. Immigrate

Emigrate VS Immigrate

8) Flammable vs. Inflammable

Flammable vs inflammable
I hope this illustrated list saves your English papers from future grammar mistakes!
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