segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2011

It's edible, isn't it?

Hi, everyone! 

Today I'm going to talk about a new word: "edible". But, what does it mean?
Well, we use "edible" to talk about something we can eat without any problem. For example, some kinds of flowers and mushrooms are edible. So, we can say:

  • edible mushrooms [cogumelos comestíveis]
  • edible flowers [flores comestíveis]
  • edible paint [tinta comestível] 
Fruits and foods made of plastic or silicone are so real, aren't they? That's why manufacturers have to warn people with the words "not edible". It means, you can't eat.
  • These mushrooms are not edible. [Estes cogumelos não são comestíveis.]
  • What flowers are not edible? [Quais flores não são comestíveis?] 
Some foods are not edible because they can contain some kind of poison (veneno) that is bad for our health, and in some cases can even cause death. Thus, we can say these foods ares toxic (tóxico) or noxious (nocivo).
Now you know what "edible" means, you can go around and eat anything you want. Anyway, don't forget the warning words: not edible!

See ya!
Teacher Jô

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