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Advertizing and learning!

What's the plural of Prius? 

For students of English, this video brings about creativity, information and research, besides the fact of providing the reading and listening practice of English as well.

Toyota is asking what the plural of Prius is, and they've got a catchy video to go along with the question.
This recalls the question about the plural of octopus, which was dealt with quite nicely by the folks at Merriam-Webster.


Now, is it 'Priuses' the Plural of Prius?

2007_prius_4 Nope, it isn't Priuses. Or Prii . If you want to be scrupulously correct when you refer to your fleet of Toyota hybrid vehicles, it's Priora. 
According to Harry Mount, author of the new book Carpe Diem: Put a Little Latin in Your Life, "Yes, it's Priora, because it's neuter plural."

By the way, find the meaning and the pronunciation of the words related to this post: 'ad' , 'advert', 'advertisement' 'advertizing'

That's all for now, folks!!

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