segunda-feira, 15 de novembro de 2010

Correcting Yourself

Para reforçar que aprendemos o tempo todo em qualquer língua, em qualquer lugar, vejam falhas que acontecem com todo mundo; o importante é corrigir e seguir adiante com naturalidade.
Abaixo, segue outro vídeo em que a atriz, naturalmente, erra e, imediatamente, se corrige, pois é assim que acontece no mundo real.

In this scene from "Ugly Betty" the actress makes a mistake, corrects herself and the scene looks normal, because this happens in real life:
Mr. Dunne:  And you're obviously passionate about fashion.
Betty:  Yes, I do. I mean, yes I am.
"Remember that the fact that everybody makes mistakes is not an excuse for you not to try to speak correctly. Of course you should do your best to speak English well. When you’re studying, practicing, modeling, do your best. Repeat the structures many times, practice pronunciation, do exercises. However, when you’re talking to someone, don’t think about that. Just try to communicate and, if you make a mistake, relax. That’s OK. Don’t kill yourself for that. Go ahead and trust yourself."
Carlos Gontow

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